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The Saga of BlueWare in Brevard County

Early in 2012 former Clerk of the Courts Mitch Needelman made a decision to digitize ten’s of millions of old clerk of the courts documents that are in storage.  What still cannot be determined is why he decided to take such actions since these documents are very rarely accessed.  At the same time, scanning of much more needed current documents were backing up.

The BlueWare deal may turn out to be nothing more than a multimillion dollar waste of money that has been perpetrated on the people of Brevard.  The Florida Today has refused to do any kind of investigative reporting on this issue.  The only news organization that has been following this story is Brevard Times @ and I applaud their excellent journalism on this story.

As the BlueWare deal continues, it stinks like ten day old fish.  Because this story has been going on for almost a year, with little or no publicity, I thought it would be a good idea to give readers a summary of what has been happening.  It’s a confusing story because of the many corporate names associated with BlueWare, cast of characters and the various conflicting amounts of money.  As soon as I receive updated information, I will post it on this website.  I have also referenced back to Brevard Times articles and others wherever applicable to validate the information and to enable you to obtain even more information.