Why the “Eye”

     Towards the end of July Brevard County Residents received a notice regarding the pending implementation of a new “automated solid waste service”. The subject became a featured article in Florida Today – to which I responded – three times! My first two letters were quickly removed and went unpublished. I was not rude, but I was responding with the unvarnished truth.
     Some hinted to the Waste Contract being “smelly” and part of the “good old boy system”, but I stated actual reasons as to why Waste Management was chosen over the recommended and lower bidder.
     Chuck Nelson agreed with the County Managers process and recommendation, which was flawed. Robin Fisher wanted his supplier to be a good Corporate Citizens by donating funds to his favorite charities, while Waste Management said they would invest funds into a new recycling plant in his district.  Mary Bolin believed in Quality Service – never comparing the services of the alternate bidder. The untold truth was the “the fix was in” – the “good old boy” system, was indeed still at work.
     Waste Management, along with other corporations and powerful individuals know how to play the Commissioners like a fiddle. Such methods are contrary to “Government by the People” and should not be tolerated. Sometimes the truth has to be exposed, even when politically incorrect so that it resonates with those that really matter – the electorate.
     While our local newspapers pander to their advertisers and half the electorate – Eye on Brevard seeks to bring the facts to the attention of all the electorate – so that each one of us can make up our own minds where to place our trust.
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